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2018 Private Pilot Ground School

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By Ted on March 15, 2018
I received my Privates in the late 80's and haven't flown much since then, life happened and I couldn't afford to keep up on my dream. I'm slowly getting back into it now and hope to get current some time this summer. This is a great course for beginners and rusty .
By Kim W on March 15, 2018
This private pilot ground school was a great supplement to the other materials I am using to get my license. I don't think I would be nearly this far in my training had it not been for this course. There is SO much information and flying alone just can't get you where you need to be...especially on the written exam
By JCIglesias on March 15, 2018
Definitely will recommend to my friends looking for ground school. Great instructor and awesome videos.
By CalebB on March 15, 2018
This ground school is perfect in that it has a ton of material to learn and without boring you! Great job Jon and thank you for your desire to make more pilots!
By William Utsler on March 6, 2018
This course was exceptionally laid out. Great benefit for those of us on the fence. Well done Jon!
Going to review several times for my benefit.............


By Brad Haggett on February 26, 2018
I took the free version to whet my appetite. I am about one year away from having the time to learn to fly. I would recommend this to anyone. I will probably return for the paid version when the time comes!
By Ian McDonald on February 26, 2018
I completed and get my certificate. I didn't expect that.

It is never too late to start following your dreams. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday.

Fly8ma makes it easy and FREE, with tons of great videos, extraordinary content with plenty explanations. The illustrations are great. As a result, I am now confident to start my Private Pilot Training after 50 years.

Thanks Fly8ma
By Matt Erickson on February 23, 2018
I want to thank you all at for such a great Ground school. I feel much more prepared to take my knowledge test now. Great videos and explanations.
By Ariel Israel Ben-Zion on February 22, 2018
The information is easy to retain due to Jon's unique teaching method. What could be a dull and boring subject matter, Jon makes it exciting to learn. It is quite rare to find such a passionate aviation instructor willing to share his knowledge, talent and finances to provide a FREE World Class Private Pilot Ground School Course. He deserves BEST CFI of the Year award. Thank You!
By Lucas Sinsel on February 22, 2018
Honestly this course has done so much for me, as it should you. If you are looking to get your private this course gets not only your foot in the door but your full attention . Jon makes it fun to learn and his natural born teaching ability is top notch. I found this course from a Youtube video one day, and instantly became hooked. I know have my PL and i cant thank you enough Jon.


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