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2019 FREE Private Pilot Ground School

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By Smitty2037 on March 27, 2019
Jon your online PPL Ground School is phenomenal... I used Glen PPL kit and scored 87 on FAA written... I used FLY 8 MA as a add on/refresher course and I passed my Mock Oral/Flight check ride with flying colors... I was signed off to take my FAA check ride that day... This corse is well structured.. There was nothing I didn't know on the ground and in the air... Thanks Jon...
By RippedDave on March 2, 2019
Outstanding job developing this online ground school, Jon! I feel it expedited my time to take the written! I look forward to utilizing more of your resources through my training. Thanks!
By castro2gh2003 on March 2, 2019
The course has been very helpful, Fly8ma should try introduce Flight Dispatch online course too
By hillbillyman52 on March 2, 2019
Thank you Jon for providing this very comprehensive and complete course for free. You have great teaching skills and your love for flying comes thru in all the lessons.I feel that I know what i need to do next.
By g5kevin on March 2, 2019
I am a newbie to aviation. This course is very thorough and well explained. I cannot believe this is provided for free and I can really see the passion that Jon has in the aviation.
By Mark Wilson on March 2, 2019

November 2018: When I came across FLY8MA’s (FREE) Private Pilot Ground School I couldn’t believe it! I’m on a very tight budget & can’t afford the high costs associated with getting a PPL, so I take full advantage of the downloads from the FAA & read/study them constantly. I’m beyond grateful! Thank you!
By Landon Dykes on March 2, 2019
This course is fabulous!

Each lesson is entertaining and enjoyable while learning the key information for each topic!!

Once you get won't want to stop until you are a licensed pilot!!

Thanks to everyone at!!!
CW4 Landon Dykes
By cpeterson on March 2, 2019
Jon provided a high-quality, effective online ground school for those, like myself, looking to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate. I was able to take this course at my own pace, and by complementing my learning with other available resources, I feel more prepared than ever to take the written exam. Couldn't have done it w/out Fly8MA!
By NCardoza on March 2, 2019
Started with the free version to get a feel for the course structure then later upgraded to the paid subscription because of how impressed I was. Resulted in a 92 on written portion. Hands down suggest this course!
By Sunnydodd on December 2, 2018
I got my PPL way back in 2007 at 22years old and then life happened and I got really busy and haven't flown or had any contact with aviation ever since. I want to get back to flying soon and these lessons are actually good.


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