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2019 FREE Private Pilot Ground School

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By ajfril on November 12, 2018
40 years ago i flew every day with my father and others at our local air strip. When he passed, i stopped flying. I decided last month i wanted to resume flying. This course provided the information I needed to know where to start again. It was clear and easy to understand. Well thought out, and clear. Thanks for all of the helpful information
By GPNC on November 12, 2018
Started this for my sport cert, local school said they could not take private for sport, my CFII encourged me to just do the full Private.
By blewis74 on November 12, 2018
Thanks for your efforts and devotion to put together such an awesome course! The thought behind it, how you're able to put it into terms of the simplest of terms. You made it interesting with the videos and broke up the monotony of the FAR/AIM. Simply brilliant! On top of all that, you provided your service and time for FREE! Thanks Jon!
By Seansean06 on November 12, 2018
Coming back to flying after 20 yrs away. I was going to do a classroom ground school but that was a 16 week program. After taking your course a lot of the information started to come back to me quickly. Your course is fantastic for anyone starting to fly or coming back to it after an absence. You cover things very well and your enthusiasm for Aviation is very inspiring. Thank you so much. Welldone
By IZ0JUB on November 12, 2018
5 stars for an excellent on line course however the well earned certificate is pathetic. Jon you really need to have a much more professional certificate that promotes your educational business too.
By Superduck92 on November 12, 2018
I'm new to aviation and this is exactly what I needed to jumpstart my goal of obtaining a PPL! Thanks Jon!
By Lindsey N. Craig Jr. on November 12, 2018
This course was engaging and informative. thanks!
By sabatsuk on November 12, 2018
I learned planty from this course. Thank you so much!!
By Aopa451 on November 12, 2018
The course very well designed for the student pilots that would like to do ground school and prepare for the test and checkride. One biggest inhibiting factors in flight training is the cost and now its possible to get your feet wet in the fantastical fun of flight. Good job! 👍🏼


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