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Spin Awareness

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By timothymontana22 on March 28, 2019
Course well done, learned what causes a spin and how to correct it. looking forward to actually practicing it.
By Kristian on March 2, 2019
I have found this course very helpful and very well explained. After watching so many videos on youtube, with this course I have finally understood gyroscopic precession, thanks Jon!
By MikeRivera on March 2, 2019
This was the first course that I have done on I am impressed with how well I caught on and retained the information. This is due to the sheer expertise of the instructor. Watching how he can enter a spin and not even have his voice change as he plummets to the ground shows his immense confidence. That confidence carries over to the lesson and made me confident in what I was learning.
By MichaelSNichols on November 12, 2018
By Peiman Ghasemi on November 12, 2018
It is an awesome course for every flight student who care for his/her safety during a flight.
By ajfril on November 12, 2018
Good information, you should practice these steps with your CFI. They will let you live another day.
By Nothing09 on November 12, 2018
Great theory and good explanations and demonstrations.
By Tom Koen on November 12, 2018
I received much more information from this course and Jon’s videos than from my Jepp textbook. The AOA video and reading was also a huge help in my last stage check oral exam.
By T00Doublenuts1967 on November 12, 2018
This course was very direct and to the point. It is easy to follow the instructor's directions and his instructional tone was easy on the ears.


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