Cross Wind Landings

Understand how to control the aircraft during takeoff, approach, and landing with crosswinds. In this 30 minute compact course. You'll get the basics of flying when the winds just aren't quite blowing in your favor.

3 Lessons

Basics of Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings:

This course is laid out in three parts, Text, Video, and Quiz.

You will read about how to make proper approaches and landings with crosswinds, then watch a short video inside of each section.ย  At the end of the three sections, you will watch a slightly longer video putting it all together, then take a short quiz. The videos not only show how to use the controls to maneuver the aircraft, but also talks you through how to properly plan out your approach and landing, as well as getting set up for takeoff. The approximate course time is 30-45mins.

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have a basic understanding of the parts and controls of a small aircraft (elevator, ailerons, rudder, etc)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand how to control the aircraft during takeoff, approach, and landing with crosswinds.
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Our Videos and the PHAK.

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Posted 1 month ago
Good training

The vids really give you an understanding of what is going on and what you need to be shooting for. I need all the help i can get on the cross wind landings. Appreciate ya, again, Jon!

Robert Alexander
Posted 5 months ago
Great steps breaking down how to handle crosswinds - starts in the pattern!

I love how Jon breaks the steps down to handle crosswinds in easy steps for both takeoff and landing. His camera angles also provide a unique view that most do not get to see to visualize the effect of the control inputs. Apply it to how you would "chair fly" your pattern sets you up for success when you are actually in the airplane. Nicely done!

Posted 2 years ago
Real World Examples

Jon uses challenging conditions to show real world application of proper crosswind techniques. The course is easy to follow as Jon describes each stage of flight in detail, from proper takeoff technique to exiting the runway after landing, managing and mitigating risk factors. Great short course for Student Pilots and a great refresher for Private Pilots. Would highly recommend!

Posted 2 years ago
Good Visuals

Solid explanations with good "real time" video walking through each traffic pattern segment.

Posted 2 years ago
Very good review. Clear and complete - thanks !

Clear and complete - thanks !

Posted 2 years ago

Where I live, we have a lot of opportunities to practice cross wind landings. Nice Program~!

RD Walker
Posted 2 years ago
Very good and through

I've been training for awhile now, and recently soloed. This course lays it all out for you in easy to grasp segments, and the video is a big help. The cockpit of an airplane isn't the best place to learn the theory, so I highly recommend, both before actual crosswind lessons in the plane, and afterwards!

Posted 2 years ago
Valuable Information

I'm yet to step into a GA airplane, but I feel so prepared when I finally do.

Justin Rider
Posted 2 years ago
Keep it up

Great info. Thanks. Has helped a lot.

Posted 2 years ago
Thank You!

Great videos!

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