Lesson 12 Quiz

Complete the following questions and earn a 90% or better to move on.  At the completion of the quiz, be sure to return to the LESSON page and ensure all TOPICS are completed as well to be able to move onto the next lesson.  Good Luck!

note: this quiz may be taken a total of 5 times, you must earn a passing score to continue with the course.

Lesson 12 Quiz


  1. mtresq43

    As a former US Air Force Air Transportation Instructor, I commend you on your ease of explanation for your weight and balance lesson. Though I taught Load Planning for many Cargo Aircraft (C-130, C-141, C-5, KC-10, and KC-135), the fundamentals are exactly the same. Main difference I see here is having to use a negative as well as positive mathematical equations based on the location of the Datum Point. we had a artificial point registered in front of the aircraft and assigned fuselage stations based on that to equate your moments. Made for easier math once you could get an adult student to wrap his head around an imaginary point from which to measure a distance or FS. LOL… Great job though and I am excited to be learning so much in your ground school series.