Private Pilot ASEL Ground School

Complete the following questions and earn a 90% or better to mark the course as complete.  At the completion of the quiz you will be able to view your course completion certificate!  You will also get 500 bonus points in your account once the course is marked complete!

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Private Pilot ASEL Ground School


  1. Mark Wilson

    Yippee! I passed with a 96%! Missed only 1 question because I “touched” the wrong answer even tho I KNEW the correct answer….. Make sure you review your answers before marking continue.


  2. tsai

    I get that the rudder controls steer the airplane left and right when on the ground. I checked both rudder and tiller, though, and it said that the tiller was wrong, which I don’t understand. Don’t large aircraft have a tiller to help make sharp turns?

  3. Hayden Roberts

    I took the test and received a passing score (23/25), but it did not count it in the last take. Without it registering my score, I cannot receive my ground school certification.

    1. Jon K Post author

      You do need a flight engineer membership or higher to be able to take the course and quizzes multiple times 🙂

  4. sharpbob

    This was a great free course. Both your quizzes and others I have taken on the internet show that I could pass the written exam, but I am not getting 100% scores because I have not retained everything. Time for me to sign up for flight lessons while I keep on reviewing this. All the information is in the course but I feel that by the time I get my PPL, I need to have it all down cold.

  5. york.gresser

    I am already a private pilot, but no flying done in the last 30 years.
    This was an excellent review course and covered everything and much more
    that I will need to get by flight review!