Hobby Airport Accident

Take this quiz and see how likely you are to wind up in the same exact spot as our accident pilot.  The higher the percentage score on this quiz, the more likely you are to make decisions that will lead you to the same accident scenario our pilot faced here.

Hobby Airport Accident


  1. jalake25

    I haven’t flown in more than 43 years and had not completed my course. Soo, I might have made some similar mistakes back then.

  2. joe676

    I know it’s easier said than done from the comfort of my couch, but I wouldn’t even attempt to land at a class B airport when there are other easier options not that far away. Pearland Regional is only 8nm from Houston. It’s ok that she attempted Houston, but after being told to go around the first time, she should have just headed for an alternate. The constant flow of 737s is too much to handle for most GA pilots and ATC clearly gives priority to the airliners.

  3. joe676

    “Would you fly with passengers into a Class B airport that you had not been to before?”

    My answer : “no”
    – Incorrect-

  4. Jim_H

    Have any of these things every applied to you during a flight (even just once)? (I think at least one of those has applied to every pilot at least once!)

    1)Unfamiliar Airport

    Does not every new student pilot take off and fly from an Unfamiliar Airport?

  5. Lolis

    the Poh of the pa 28 161 cadet states that spins and negative g’s maneuvers are not allowed, therefore I haven’t practiced spins. I know the theory but haven’t actually done one, but is on my to do list of the following month. awesome test

    1. xfaeldan

      Get rated on an aerobatic aircraft. I got mine in a Super Decathelon. Sure, its not the same aircraft performance, but atleast you see the sight picture, how your body feels it, and get to practice the maneuver controls. Cheers!

  6. Ryou3355

    I do not understand not haveing a backup airport. After a long flight you never know what is going to happen at the primary airport. I answer have a back up and it said I was wrong.

  7. lassombra

    I have to say, personally, I believe the primary cause is a lack of ANC prioritization followed by a lack of assertiveness.

    I would never have accepted in a cirrus aircraft rwy 35 with those winds. You are right up against demonstrated crosswind maximum. I am happy to fly to demonstrated maximum on a runway I know and in an airspace I know well. This was not that situation. If I was at that airfield and winds were almost straight across the runway gusting to 20, I would have told the tower unable, and either ask them to get me a slot for 4 or to send be back to approach for a slot for 4.

    I would also advise them that if they can time it right, I am comfortable making a short final to leave room for inbound traffic.

    It is important to remember that you are the PIC and to give tower the tools they need to get you on the ground, but don’t let them fly your plane, you fly your plane.

    Also, ATC failed by having the lead traffic go around. I understand that it sucks for the captain of that airliner who has to now follow full missed approach procedures because of “some dumb pilot” but yeah…

  8. tomcjax

    This is DARK. I think it does its job and does it well, like the videos they show you in driving school. It’s a important part of the learning process, to see what can and has gone wrong. Very glad I took this course and that Fly8MA has made it available.