Earn Points!

Rewards Points!

So what are Rewards Points and how do you get them?

Rewards Points Are:

Points you receive for participating on FLY8MA.COM and you can redeem them for free rewards!

What Can I get with them?

You can redeem your points for things like free T-shirts, discounts on membership and paid courses, and many other things available in our Store.

How do I earn Points?

You earn points several ways including:

  • Completing courses and quizzes on FLY8MA.com
  • Attending our live seminars
  • Posting new topics or questions in the FORUM on FLY8MA.COM
  • Responding to topics or comments on FLY8MA.COM
  • Posting new comments and questions, or answering other’s questions on FLY8MA.COM

How can I check my Points balance?

You can see your current points balance under your Profile on FLY8MA.COM, Points are updating automatically when you earn them.