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Flying GA into Big Class B

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    I need some advice from someone more experienced. Maybe this could even be a topic for a video, Jon K.

    I’ve seen the videos of how to fly into a Class B and I’ve flown into Class C a few times for practice during my training but now that I’ve completed PP and starting to use my privileges I have a number of questions I consider “the rest of the videos”. 🙂 I often have the feeling. OK I passed now what do I do.

    I know how to fly in FLY8MA videos were great for that but let’s say I want to stop and do something in town or maybe drop off a friend so they can catch a commercial flight at that airport. How would I do this? Do I need to contact something like Signature and pay something to them to facilitate this?


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    Sorry for resurrecting an old post but good topic! I will have to look into this more as well but my instinct as a new pilot would be to contact Signature or TAC air to arrange for a place to store your aircraft. Maybe call the ATC facility directly and ask what time would be a good time to show up. Remember to double check on the radios and get someone to say that you are indeed “cleared into class bravo” before entering the airspace.

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