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What Type of plane do you own?

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    What Type of plane do you own? Tell us all about it!

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    I own a 1971 Cessna 150L! Shes IFR certified and has a good old O-200. equipped 2 with MX300 Navcoms and a JPI fuel flow computer. She has a few quirks such as old and slow gyros but overall shes a pleasure to fly. 150s and 152s are a seriously underrated airplanes. Besides an under-powered engine and a low useful load its an absolute pleasure to fly.

    Bought it about a month ago to build time for my CPL. I’m SO glad I don’t have to rent anymore!!

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    I own an experimental Titan Tornado II but looking to upgrade to something like a Maul M4.


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    I just purchased my first plane a week ago! I am currently working on my private pilot licence and am very excited to be able to defer my costs!!! “Vera” is a 1980 172N. My CFI and I Flew AA from Va to MA and flew her back. So happy with my purchase…she is a great little plane.

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    RD Walker

    Bought a 1977 Cessna 150M, aka the One-thrifty! Burns about 5 gal per hr on training flights, 6+ on the long cross country due to four stops. IWS based. Had about 10hr in a C-152, then female instructor left for airlines, other cfi’s were too heavy, so bought this plane during annual. While waiting (took 6+ weeks), I flew 10hr in a Cherokee 140 and Warrior. No big transition worries, but the landing is very different!

    Took delivery of my 150, now have another 20 hrs or so.

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    I own a 1963 Mooney M20D Master. Currently using her for my IFR training. I’m averaging about 8gph on 145KTAS. Based in North Florida

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    Cessna 182J 3019f. Stec 50 auto pilot, GNS430 IFR certified, 3 blade prop, long range tanks. Fresh rebuilt engine with less than 100 hours on it. Named “Baby Madison”.

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