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On Your Way to Passing Your Checkride!

Learning Should Be FUN!

After You Sign Up....

We believe learning should be fun!  As you study on, you will be rewarded for your activity, and get to compete with other students who are also studying the same courses as you!

fill your knowledge tank with avgas

As a Registered Member

You will get credit for taking Courses, Quizzes, Etc.  Members with a Paid Subscription can redeem their fuel for double their value in the store!

What gives you Gallons of AvGas Exactly?

  • Complete a Course = 500 gallons
  • Complete a Lesson = 10 gallons
  • Complete a Topic = 1 gallon
  • Complete a Quiz = 2 gallons
  • Study on the Site Daily = 1 gallon per day
  • Post or Respond to a Comment = 1 gallon
  • Add a Friend on the Site = 1 gallon
  • Update your Profile Picture = 25 gallons
  • Change Your Profile Cover Photo= 25 gallons
  • Use your custom link to invite friends to FLY8MA = 100 gallons per friend that signs up on the site!
  • Send a Message to a user = 1 gallon
  • Post a New Topic or Comment in the Forum = 2 gallons
  • Submit a Photo of the Week = 10 gallons

What does the Winner Get?

Each month, at the end of the month, the top member on the leaderboard will get a FREE 1hr flight and ground lesson with a FLY8MA CFI!

If you are not in the local area, you can redeem your Free Flight as a virtual flight lesson instead.

leaderboard of pilot ground school

What can you do with all that AvGas?

You can redeem your gallons of fuel for FREE rewards on and in the store.  For example, 3,000 gallons of gas can be redeemed for a $30 gift card to to use in the store or on our Courses and Membership!

Ready to jump in and Start Studying?

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