South from Anchorage to the Lower 48!


route to the lower 48

11/15: Drive from Sarasota, FL to Cedar Key

11/16: Arrive outside of New Orleans

11/17: Hanging out in New Orleans

11/-18-11/21: Driving through Texas and New Mexico!

11/22-11/23: Hanging out in Albuquerque, NM

11/25-12/4: Hanging out in Goodyear, AZ

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About our Trip!bushplane

We're flying from Anchorage Alaska on down to Reno Nevada for our first stop, before continuing on to fly to all 50 states!  Our trip will last about 2 years, and have us visiting over 400 airports!  We'll post a schedule here on this page in November once we clear the nasty weather in Alaska and Canada and get to the more reliable weather of the Southwest US!





cessna 170, off airport, gravel bar landing, cessna

Trip to Cordova with a surprise landing…

By Stephanie Blanchard | October 24, 2018

Valdez to Cordova On our journey from Valdez to Cordova, a special surprise was awaiting us– a new place to land! Because the weather was so favorable, Jon suggested we fly through the mountains following the Copper River. Having never been on that route before, I eagerly agreed! We passed glacier after beautiful glacier and […]

Valdez in the dark!

By Stephanie Blanchard | October 17, 2018

Our first leg was short yet challenging… I have never been so happy to see a runway and town lights, as we were approaching Valdez, those lights beamed like fireworks through the fog. Historically a gold mining town, Valdez is now known for being the terminal to the massive crude oil Trans Alaska pipeline initiating […]

amazing rainbow in the sky

Leaving Anchorage for the big trip to the lower 48!

By Stephanie Blanchard | October 15, 2018

After a fun weather delay, we are on our way! Jon and I are so excited to be flying again! We spent three days in the hangar working on Little Delta and then two days waiting for the fog to lift over Portage pass through Whittier so we could start making our way east. Fresh […]

cessna 170 gravel bar landing

The Adventure Begins!

By Stephanie Blanchard | October 13, 2018

The leaves are changing… Time for the Annual Inspection on the C170B!   The intensely busy Alaskan summer season is coming to an end and autumn is upon us. The days are actually turning into night after months of perpetual daylight, the temps are getting colder and the fall colors are in bloom. It’s time […]