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Online FAA Commercial Pilot Test Prep

If you are a licensed pilot ready to pursue a career as a commercial pilot, our checkride and written prep courses will get you there, FAST!  We will cover the operating procedures of commercial pilots and fully prepare you for the oral exam, as well as demonstrate the maneuvers required in order to fly for the checkride.

With a Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can fly airplanes for hire. Whether for a local charter, corporate, or commercial airline, the Commercial Pilot Certificate will allow you to explore more horizons in aviation.

Let us help you breeze through the Commercial Pilot FAA checkride and written exams and get your commercial pilot certification.

Join the FLY8MA Ground School, which serves over 10,000 pilots each year!

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Guaranteed to pass your checkride (or we'll pay for it PLUS give you $150). Everyone who uses our course passes on the first try.

But guess what? That's never happened; we have a 100% Pass Rate! We've never had a student fail a checkride for any certificate or rating!

Unlock 1,500+ Exam-Like Questions and Quizzes

You have zero time and about a million responsibilities. The last thing you want is to spend your family's savings on classes - or memorize dated handbooks. If you're taking time away from your daily to-dos to study for the exam, you need to be sure you'll pass on the first try.


With the outstanding 100% success rate, our course is proven to nearly double your chances of success by quizzing you on the questions that you're most likely to see in the FAA Oral exam.

Why Choose FLY8MA Commercial Pilot Ground School?

Lessons In This Course

This course shows you a real-world ACS Commercial Pilot Practical Test, including the oral exam conducted before you go flying and the in-flight test in which you demonstrate your skills in the aircraft.

  • Weather Commercial Pilot Prep
  • ADM / CRM / SRM
  • Aeromedical
  • Aerodynamics
  • Systems Review
  • Cross Countries and Charts
  • Commercial ASEL Flight Maneuvers
  • Oral and Flight Checkride
  • CPL Final Quiz and Practice Tests

Study on your time!

It's hard enough to fit in flight training with your busy schedule; that's why we let you study 24/7 online on your time and make our CFIs available to you 7 days a week! With our mobile-optimized learning environment, you can learn on the go. Anywhere you have an internet connection, from any device.

The perfect choice when you

  • Want to study on-the-go
  • Have a busy schedule
  • You are a visual learner
  • Have test anxiety
  • Want an up-to-date, research-backed curriculum

In-depth and Current Curriculum

We regularly communicate with the FAA and monitor their website for any new changes that may require updates on our end. Any changes made by the FAA are automatically incorporated in our courses with no input or additional effort from your side. We ensure you are always provided with up-to-date courses containing everything you will need to pass your checkrides with ease.

Nobody Beats Our Customer Service

You can reach us 7 days a week on live chat, through phone calls, email, in the online forum, or simply by leaving a comment below a lesson and getting a response quickly. Access to Tech Support and Support from our CFIs.

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What People Say About FLY8MA Online Pilot School

99% Student Satisfaction Rating

The private pilot ground school course is one of the best online courses I have taken. The information is timely and Jon has a very presentation style to keep you motivated and interested to continue learning. I highly recommend this course.

scott's review

Scott A.
Private Pilot

Fly8ma took me from Zero to Hero, I came in with absolutely no aviation knowledge and in a few weeks I finished Private Pilot ground school and started flying. The lessons are perfect. You go over each lesson topic, then watch entertaining but information packed videos that explain exactly what you just learned. Jon and the other CFIs are always there to answer all the questions I've had with quick responses. I'm excited to use Fly8ma for all my future ratings.

Kai's Review

Kai A.
Private Pilot

Meet Your Flight Instructors


Jon Kotwicki CFI | CFII | MEI | AGI | ATP

flight instructor

Jon began flying at age 19, working towards his Private Pilot Certificate.  It only took one flight for Jon to discover his passion for aviation, and just two years after his first flight he became a Flight Instructor.  Jon has spent thousands of hours flying everything from bush planes to airline jets. He now teaches flight students from Private Pilots to Airline Pilots and makes videos for FLY8MA. Jon's #1 goal is to make the safest, smartest pilots out there and make a lot of them!

In 2017, 2018, and 2021 he was honored to receive the Distinguished Flight Instructors award by, part of their Flight Training Experience Awards program.

jon kotwicki distinguished flight instructor award
distinguished flight instructors badge

Steph Blanchard CFI | CFII | AGI

flight instructor in front of airplane

Steph learned to fly in Alaska out of necessity (living in a town with no roads makes flying an almost daily requirement).  After years of flying in the bush, Steph now instructs Private Pilot students in Alaska on her days off.  In the winter, you'll find her flying freight to her business and other Alaskan villages, and in the summer, you see her landing planes on the beaches taking tourists to see the massive Alaskan Brown Bears.

Ready To Start Your Commercial Pilot Career?

We know flight training and the dream of becoming a pilot can seem daunting, but if you are a student at, your dream can turn into a reality. With the help of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors, becoming a pilot becomes easy and fun.