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Private Pilot Written

Prep Bootcamp

The Private Pilot Written Prep BootCamp teaches you everything you need to know to ACE your FAA Written Exam. The course takes 15-20 hours to study the FAA test questions, watch the videos, and materials.

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Private Pilot

Online Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School will get you ready for your flight training and show you what you can expect during your flight lessons. Completing this course prior to flight training will help save you THOUSANDS$$$.

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Instrument Rating

IFR Ground School

The Instrument Rating Course comes with everything you need to get a jumpstart on IFR training and PASS your IFR checkride!  No books required!  This course also comes with online access to the IFR Written Prep BootCamp.

1956 DC6 Airplane House

DC-6 Airplane House

Pilot Lodge

Stay in the 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Airplane House at the FLY8MA Pilot Lodge in Big Lake, Alaska.  Our 1956 Douglas DC-6 has a full kitchen, bathroom, heated floors, wing deck and more!

Private Pilot BasicMed

Free Private Pilot Ground School

Start Today!

This course will help prepare you for flight training towards your Private Pilot License (or Private Pilot Certificate, certificate is the appropriate term to call it).

The course will cover the basics of airspace, FAA rules, aerodynamics, flight planning, aviation weather, and more.

Pass your Test the 1st Time

100% Guarantee!

Join over 12,000 other pilots who have used FLY8MA Online Ground School to pass their written exams and their checkrides!

The average written test score from FLY8MA students is a 93%.  In addition to passing the FAA Written Exam, we guarantee you will pass your checkride when you sign up for our courses.

Cirrus SR-22

What we Offer

Online Pilot Courses


We offer a wide range of courses (over 30 to be exact)!
Here on FLY8MA.com you can get access to everything you need to study for:

  • Private Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • IFR Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII)
  • Seaplane / Floatplane Course
  • Tailwheel Training Course
  • Rusty Private Pilot Course
  • Rusty Instrument Pilot Course

To access these courses you can either purchase them one at a time, or sign up for a membership that gives you access to multiple courses.  To see all of the courses we off, click below:

Training That WORKS!

Our Courses are trusted by over 1,000 pilots every day.  Don't just take our word for it.  Take it from our students.  Click to watch the video here to see what our customers have to say about FLY8MA!




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What Our Students Say

scott's review

Scott A.

Private Pilot

The private pilot ground school course is one of the best online courses I have taken. The information is timely and Jon has a very presentation style to keep you motivated and interested to continue learning. I highly recommend this course.
-Scott A.

katy's review

Katy J.

Student Pilot

Jon is an awesome pilot and instructor! I flew with him back when he was an airline pilot. He's the same in his videos as he is in person: fun, personable, big personality, and full of information. He's so easy going and friendly that you're not intimidated to ask him questions about anything! I love watching his videos to gain information and see what cool adventures he's up to. So excited for him and all of his future endeavors and flying adventures! Wish he'd open a flight school in NC so I could attend! He's the kind of instructor you want because he's qualified & informative but he's easy going and will treat you like a friend!

Kai's Review

Kai A.

Private Pilot

Fly8ma took me from Zero to Hero, I came in with absolutely no aviation knowledge and in a few weeks I finished Private Pilot ground school and started flying. The lessons are perfect. You go over each lesson topic, then watch entertaining but information packed videos that explain exactly what you just learned. Jon and the other CFIs are always there to answer all the questions I've had with quick responses. I'm excited to use Fly8ma for all my future ratings.

blake's review

Blake M.

Private Pilot

I never have personally meet Jon but I'd love to some day! His YouTube videos are amazing. When I was doing my ground School and came up against something I didn't understand I'd always go to fly8ma.com and watch a video about it. Then I'd understand! Hes a great teacher!
Thanks Jon!

All Flight Courses

Flight Training/Ground School

cessna tailwheel flight training

Tailwheel Training Course


Tailwheel Training Course

Our Tailwheel Pilot Training Course is designed to get you ready for your tailwheel endorsement in any conventional gear airplane.  Get prepared with this course!

Learn More

ifr practice test

IFR Written Prep Bootcamp


IFR Written Prep Bootcamp

The IFR Written Prep takes 10-15 hours to study the 850+ FAA test questions, watch all video courses, and understand the material.
It has everything you need to ACE your FAA Written Exam.
Learn More

Commercial Pilot School

Commercial Pilot Bootcamp


Commercial Pilot BootCamp


This BootCamp will prepare you to PASS your Commercial Pilot Checkride. The course contains four full-length FAA Oral Exams and all Flight Maneuvers explained in detail with graphics and animations.

Learn More

rusty ifr pilot

Rusty Pilot


Rusty Pilot Course VFR + IFR

Whether you are getting ready for your BFR or IPC or haven't flown in 20 years, this course will save you money and help you get current—fast!
Learn More

Free Flight Training Course

FREE Pilot Courses


FREE Pilot Courses

Do you like free stuff? Ya, us too!

Check out the free courses we offer here at FLY8MA.com

Free Courses

cfi checkride course

CFI Checkride Bootcamp


CFI Checkride Bootcamp


There are three parts to the CFI Ground School Course: The CFI PTS Explained in Detail, FOI - Fundamentals of Instruction, and the CFI Full-Length Oral Exam.
Learn More

Seaplane Rating Online Course Lesson

Seaplane Rating Course


Floatplane Training Course


Everything you need to know about flying floatplanes! Glassy Water, Rough Water, Beaching, Docking, Floatplanes and Flying boats.
Learn More

aircraft accident case study

Accident Case Study Course


Aircraft Accident Investigation


Review what went wrong on a routine flight in Texas.  Listen to the ATC audio tapes and see the radar data to better understand how this aircraft accident developed and how we can avoid similar situations like this as pilots in the future.

Learn More

pegasas wtic online weather app and courses

WeatherXplore Lessons


WTIC WeatherXplore Lessons


Follow along with 11 real-world scenario based lessons to better understand aviation weather theory and aviation weather products.  These videos explain in detail the topics of AC 06B and AC 00-45H.

Learn More

uprt spin training

Free Spin Awareness


Spin Awareness Course


Take the FREE Spin Awareness course here!

Learn what you need to know prior to your spin training with your CFI!

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FLY8MA Online Flight Training

Watch the video to see what we offer...

private pilot requirements

Want to see the requirements to become a pilot? Click Below!


That's a great question, our pilot ground school is different...


Our online flight training courses are different than others.  Let us prove it to you!

The reality is no one is going to get through flight training on their own.  You need a solid foundation and support system to get you the knowledge you need when you need it, and to help keep you on track.

The better your knowledge foundation and the better your support system, the faster you will get through flight training the more money you will save.

We have a simple two-step system for you.

Step 1:

To Save Money on your Flight Training: Use the best tools available to gain the knowledge you need to become a safe and skilled pilot.

Step 2:

Find the support system you need to be successful. Ask who is going to be there to answer your questions right away?  Ask who is going to tell you and warn you about what to watch out for so you are not overcharged in flight training? Ask who will give you guidance so you can learn to fly and complete your ratings as quickly and cheaply as possible?

FLY8MA is built specifically to be the best online flight training provider available in the United States to meet those two key needs.

Why do more than 10,000 pilots use FLY8MA to pass their written exams and checkrides each year?

Because FLY8MA is different.  Here is how.

Our Pilot Courses

  • Our students save on average 20% on their flight training costs
  • 99% student satisfaction rating
  • 100% Student Pass Rate!
  • 1,000+ HD videos on our website
  • Videos updated throughout the year
  • Latest FAA test standards updated 12 times a year in our courses
  • FAA test questions are updated 6 times a year
  • The most modern filming and teaching methods

Our Customer Service

  • Nationwide network of Flight Instructors
  • Live support 7 days a week
  • Screenshot any content in our courses and email it to us for a detailed explanation from our CFIs
  • We explain any topics you have questions regarding in your local area
  • Live office hours with Jon and our other CFIs
  • Schedule a one-on-one time with a CFI or just Call or Email anytime 7 days/week
  • Phone | Text | Email Support

Our goal here at FLY8MA is not to sell courses, get more likes, or get more subscribers.

Our goal here is to make you a pilot.  A pilot that is safe, competent, and confident.

We are here to help you through the process of becoming a pilot and being successful in aviation from start to finish.

NO ONE beats our customer service!  Guaranteed!

Do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone, text, or email with any aviation-related questions.

-Fly Safe,
Jon Kotwicki
FLY8MA Founder and Chief CFI

Flight Training is Expensive

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