IFR Instrument Rating Practice Test

The practice written exam below will help you to judge where you stand in your progress of studying for the instrument rating FAA written exam.  The question bank on the quiz is a variety of questions from the FAA written test bank.  You may take the practice test as many times as you'd like.

ifr written practice test

Check out these 12 practice test questions from the Private Pilot Written Exam.  You may see the questions change each time you take the quiz (only 15 questions from this smaller test bank are displayed at a time).

To take practice tests from our full 900+ question FAA test question database with the most up-to-date questions available, check out our Instrument Pilot Written Test BootCamp Course here.

Wondering how much your IFR rating is going to cost?

Use this cost calculator below to estimate how many hours of training you have remaining and see an estimate of what your training will cost, as well as how much you will save if you use the FLY8MA Online IFR Ground School and Prep Courses.