Online Private Pilot Ground School

Join over 12,000 pilots who have used our Private Pilot Ground School to pass their FAA written exams and checkrides on the first try!

Our Students Save Up To $2,000 On Flight Training Costs

100% Exam Success Guaranteed 

Complete the course in 40-50 hours

Certificate/Test Endorsement Issued At End Of Course

145+ videos, lessons, and practice tests teach you everything from aerodynamics to weather to landings.

online pilot ground school

Private Pilot Ground School

Student pilots must pass the FAA private pilot written exam and a practical exam/checkride (flight test) before taking their solo flight. The pilot written exam, FAA oral exam, and checkride are the three requirements to get a private pilot license.

Upon completing our online Private Pilot Ground School (PPL), IFR Ground School, or Commercial Pilot Ground School (CPL), you will get a letter of recommendation from FLY8MA to take the FAA written exam.

We make sure you are well prepared for the private pilot knowledge exam so you pass it on the first attempt. Once you pass the FAA exam, you can shift your entire focus to flight training.

If you ask a pilot what they would have done differently in training, most will say they wished they had taken the pilot ground school first before flight training

Professional Online Pilot Ground School

Pilot Ground School classes cover a wide range of topics to prepare you for flight training, such as aerodynamics, weather, flight planning, and navigation. Everything you need to begin, complete, and be guaranteed to pass flight training all in one place.

  •  Aircraft Aerodynamics
  • Angle of Attack
  • Stalls / Aerodynamic Stalls
  • Aispace - Class A, B, C, D, E, G
  • Sectional Charts
  • VFR Navigation
  •  Aviation Weather
  • Flight Planning
  • FAA Regulations
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Airport Signs and Markings
  • Pilot Test Prep
  •  Private Pilot Practice Tests
  • Aircraft Wing Loading
  • Weight and Balance
  • E6B Flight Computer Tutorials
  • PAVE
  • IMSAFE Checklist
  •  Aeromedical Factors
  • Aircraft Structure & Systems
  •  FAA and ICAO Flight Plans
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Radio Communications
  •  Aircraft Maintenance & Docs

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Why Choose FLY8MA's Online Private Pilot Ground School?

This state-of-the-art, interactive online training course is one of the most comprehensive, private pilot ground school courses available today. Its 20-course modules span 40-hours of highly informative, fun, and interactive aviation ground training.

The depth of material covered in our online classes will set you ahead of any traditional ground school and put you on the fast track for earning your private pilot certificate. No previous experience is needed.

The online pilot course uses our sophisticated learning management system that is self-paced and ensures that by the end of this course you will have mastered all of the aeronautical knowledge needed to pass your tests.

All you need is an internet connection and you can study anywhere, anytime, and on any device - works on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices!

Earn Your Private Pilot Certificate Fast

The FLY8MA Premium Private Pilot Ground School Course is an all-in-one program designed to accelerate your Private Pilot training.

40-hour Private Pilot ONLINE Ground School

In-depth and Current Curriculum

20 Easy-to-follow lessons. Our online test has 60 multiple-choice questions and plenty of practice exams and practice questions. Course Materials are always correct and up-to-date!

BONUS COURSE: Private Pilot Written Prep BootCamp!

Guaranteed To Pass

The average written test score from FLY8MA students is a 93%.  In addition to passing the FAA Written Exam, we GUARANTEE you will pass your checkride when you sign up for our courses.

Nobody Beats Our Customer Service

You can reach us 7 days a week on live chat, through phone calls, email, in the online forum, or simply by leaving a comment below a lesson and getting a response quickly. Access to Tech Support and Support from our CFIs

What People Say About FLY8MA Ground School

99% Student Satisfaction Rating

The private pilot ground school course is one of the best online courses I have taken. The information is timely and Jon has a very presentation style to keep you motivated and interested to continue learning. I highly recommend this course.

scott's review

Scott A.
Private Pilot

Fly8ma took me from Zero to Hero, I came in with absolutely no aviation knowledge and in a few weeks I finished Private Pilot ground school and started flying. The lessons are perfect. You go over each lesson topic, then watch entertaining but information packed videos that explain exactly what you just learned. Jon and the other CFIs are always there to answer all the questions I've had with quick responses. I'm excited to use Fly8ma for all my future ratings.

Kai's Review

Kai A.
Private Pilot

What People Say About FLY8MA Ground School

99% Student Satisfaction Rating

money back badge

FLY8MA Money Back Guarantee

The average written test score from FLY8MA students is a 93%.  We GUARANTEE you will pass your written exam (or we'll pay for it PLUS give you $150).

Everyone who uses our course passes on the first try.

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Meet Your Experienced Flight Instructors

Jon Kotwicki CFI | CFII | MEI | AGI | ATP

flight instructor

Jon began flying at age 19, working towards his Private Pilot Certificate.  It only took one flight for Jon to discover his passion for aviation, and just two years after his first flight he became a Flight Instructor.  Jon has spent thousands of hours flying everything from bush planes to airline jets. He now teaches flight students from Private Pilots to Airline Pilots and makes new videos for FLY8MA. Jon's #1 goal is to make the safest, smartest pilots out there and make a lot of them!
In 2017, 2018, and 2021 he was honored to receive the Distinguished Flight Instructors award by, part of their Flight Training Experience Awards program.

jon kotwicki distinguished flight instructor award
distinguished flight instructors badge

Steph Blanchard CFI | CFII | AGI

flight instructor in front of airplane

Steph learned to fly in Alaska out of necessity (living in a town with no roads makes flying an almost daily requirement).  After years of flying in the bush, Steph now instructs Private Pilot students in Alaska on her days off.  In the winter, you'll find her flying freight to her business and other Alaskan villages, and in the summer, you see her landing planes on the beaches taking tourists to see the massive Alaskan Brown Bears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, email us or call or text us at (234) 738-2582.

Yes!  Everything you need to study for your Flight Training, Written Test, and Checkride is all combined into our courses here at FLY8MA.


If you want to be a pilot, everyone starts in the same step. Get your Private Pilot License first. This is required before Commercial or Airline Pilot Training.

$399: Step 1:  Go to login to Private Pilot Ground School. Spend 40 hours studying all online, no books required.

Finish Ground School - Included with Fly8MA Ground School

Finish Private Pilot Ground School written prep Bootcamp next. Complete the Written Prep Bootcamp. (15 hours) 

$165 Take The Test: Take the FAA Written Exam, the test is 60 Questions, 70% to pass

Pick a Flight School - Included with FLY8MA Ground School

Find Flight School to Rent Aircraft on

$0 Pick An Instructor: Use Finding a CFI Guide from

$300 Start Flying! Take your First Lesson in the airplane. Expect to pay for their instructor and plane rental.

Note: costs vary here based on the type of plane you choose and the instructor's hourly rate

$7,000 Fly at Least 40 hours

The national average is 73.1 hours. Studying hard in ground school can help you stay closer to 40 hours (the minimum).

Note: cost very here based on how many hours you need to be ready for a checkride (flight test).

Checkride Prep Course: $149 This online course Guarantees you'll pass a checkride and shows you what to expect on that day.

Note: Guarantees you pass

Note: you pay $800 to The Examiner, plus pay for plane rental. if you fail, you'll pay all over again.

$800 Take Checkride: A checkride is like a driver's test. You talk for 2 hours answering Oral questions. Then you fly for 2 hours doing flight maneuvers and landings.

Note: You pay $800 to the examiner, plus pay for the plane rental. If you fail, you'll pay all over again.

You're A Pilot! $8,813 (estimated total)

If you used FLY8MA online courses you were guaranteed to pass a Checkride and are now a Certified Pilot! Enjoy flying with your friends, family, and exploring the SKY!

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