Online Private Pilot Ground School


What is Private Pilot Ground School?

Our Online Private Pilot Ground School is different from other pilot ground schools out there.  We offer 3 courses specifically for Private Pilot Students that help prepare you for your FAA Written Test, Flight Training Lessons, and the FAA Oral / Checkride.  Everything you need to begin, complete, and be guaranteed to Pass flight training is all in one place here at

  •  Aircraft Aerodynamics
  • Angle of Attack
  • Stalls / Aerodynamic Stalls
  • Aispace - Class A, B, C, D, E, G
  • Sectional Charts
  • VFR Navigation
  •  Aviation Weather
  • Flight Planning
  • FAA Regulations
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Airport Signs and Markings
  • Pilot Test Prep
  •  Private Pilot Practice Tests
  • Aircraft Wing Loading
  • Weight and Balance
  • E6B Flight Computer Tutorials
  • PAVE
  • IMSAFE Checklist
  •  Aeromedical Factors
  • Aircraft Systems
  •  FAA and ICAO Flight Plans
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Radio Communications
  •  Aircraft Maintenance & Docs

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scott's review

Scott A.

Private Pilot

The private pilot ground school course is one of the best online courses I have taken. The information is timely and Jon has a very presentation style to keep you motivated and interested to continue learning. I highly recommend this course.
-Scott A.

katy's review

Katy J.

Student Pilot

Jon is an awesome pilot and instructor! I flew with him back when he was an airline pilot. He's the same in his videos as he is in person: fun, personable, big personality, and full of information. He's so easy going and friendly that you're not intimidated to ask him questions about anything! I love watching his videos to gain information and see what cool adventures he's up to. So excited for him and all of his future endeavors and flying adventures! Wish he'd open a flight school in NC so I could attend! He's the kind of instructor you want because he's qualified & informative but he's easy going and will treat you like a friend!

Kai's Review

Kai A.

Private Pilot

Fly8ma took me from Zero to Hero, I came in with absolutely no aviation knowledge and in a few weeks I finished Private Pilot ground school and started flying. The lessons are perfect. You go over each lesson topic, then watch entertaining but information packed videos that explain exactly what you just learned. Jon and the other CFIs are always there to answer all the questions I've had with quick responses. I'm excited to use Fly8ma for all my future ratings.

blake's review

Blake M.

Private Pilot

I never have personally meet Jon but I'd love to some day! His YouTube videos are amazing. When I was doing my ground School and came up against something I didn't understand I'd always go to and watch a video about it. Then I'd understand! Hes a great teacher!
Thanks Jon!

Where We FLY


The answer is EVERYWHERE!  We become pilots to travel, explore new places, and see what can only be seen by air.  The airplane is a TIME MACHINE!  There's no better way to travel, than flying yourself exactly where you want to go, not only to enjoy the beauty of the journey, but to enjoy more time at your destination on your own schedule.

We routinely fly our training aircraft between Alaska and Florida, not only to keep our skills sharp, but to film all of the lessons learned along the way.  When you train with FLY8MA, we don't just teach you about flying in one place, we teach you about the entire country, because soon, the sky (all of it) will be yours to explore.

Meet Your Flight Instructors


Jon Kotwicki CFI | CFII | MEI | AGI | ATP

flight instructor

Jon began flying at age 19 working towards his Private Pilot Certificate.  It only took one flight for Jon to discover his passion for aviation, and just two years after his first flight he became a Flight Instructor.  Jon has spent thousands of hours flying everything from bush planes to airline jets.  He now spends his time teaching flight students from Private Pilots to Airline Pilots, and making videos for FLY8MA.  Jon's #1 goal, to make the safest, smartest pilots out there, and make a lot of them!

Steph Blanchard CFI | CFII | AGI

flight instructor in front of airplane

Steph learned to fly in Alaska out of necessity (living in a town with no roads makes flying an almost daily requirement).  After years of flying in the bush, Steph now instructs Private Pilot students in Alaska on her days off.  In the winter you'll find her flying freight to her business and other Alaskan villages, and in the summer you see her landing planes on the beaches taking tourists to see the massive Alaskan Brown Bears.


Private Pilot Ground School Course

$499$349 /lifetime
  • Prepare for Flight Training
  • Private Pilot Written Test Prep
  • Private Pilot Checkride and Oral Prep
  • Guaranteed to Pass the Test
  • Includes Written Test Endorsement
  • Includes Private Pilot Cheat Sheet
  • Access on any Device
  • Live Support 7 days a week
  • One Time Payment
  • No Books required

Private Pilot Ground School Course

$109$79 /per Month
  • Prepare for Flight Training
  • Private Pilot Written Test Prep
  • Private Pilot Checkride and Oral Prep
  • Guaranteed to Pass the Test
  • Includes Written Test Endorsement
  • Includes Private Pilot Cheat Sheet
  • Access on any Device
  • Live Support 7 days a week
  • Monthly Payment, Cancel Anytime
  • Includes 9 Bonus Courses: Crosswind Landings, Tailwheel Training, Seaplanes, Part 107 UAS, and More! (extra $646 in bonus courses)

Yes!  Everything you need to study for your Flight Training, Written Test, and Checkride is all combined into our courses here at FLY8MA.

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