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Watch More...Learn More.  FLY8MA is a lot more than just YouTube Flying Videos.  Our goal is relentlessly striving to reduce General Aviation Accidents and Fatalities through driving change and innovation in Aviation Education.  The wide range of online learning videos we offer help pilots around the globe, and we hope you will take advantage of them too!

FLY8MA YouTube Videos

FLY8MA offers a lot more than YouTube videos and pilot ground school courses.  We also have tons of additional flight training and advanced pilot learning videos, such as our Piper Cherokee Video Series.  To see all of the FLY8MA videos (many not available on YouTube), check out this page here to discover new playlists and video series.

Piper Cherokee Destruction

Want to see an airplane get destroyed?  (us neither).  It's a little sad to watch this old bird get ripped to pieces, but it may just teach you a thing or two.  In this video series we show you how an airplane is put together, all of the inner workings including flight controls, instruments, how the engine works, and more.  This old airplane gets to serve one more purpose in its life, educating pilots how airplane systems work.

how its made airplane

This playlist has over 100 free videos for private pilot flight training.  These videos will not only help you prepare for your flight training, but also make you a better private pilot in the long run.  Even if you already have your private pilot license, this series can help you review and brush up on all of your aeronautical knowledge!

Here's the video version of Pilot Cafe IFR.  If you're working on your instrument rating or thinking about your IFR training, this video playlist can help!  This playlist will show you all of our free videos available for the instrument rating, and even help you prepare for your IPC if you already are IFR rated.  Check out the playlist, and if you want more IFR tips, click the button below!

commercial pilot maneuvers

Commercial Pilot

This playlist takes you through all of our free Commercial Pilot License videos.  This video series goes over many of the commercial pilot maneuvers and will give you a preview of our commercial pilot oral videos.  To see even more commercial pilot videos that will help you pass your checkride and earn your commercial pilot license, click the button to get tips emailed directly to you!