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Free Private Pilot License Ground School

This course will help prepare you for flight training towards your Private Pilot License (or Private Pilot Certificate, certificate is the appropriate term to call it). The course will cover the basics of airspace, FAA rules, aerodynamics, flight planning, aviation weather, and more.
This is a basic course designed to give you an introductory level of knowledge into the subjects, without having to sign up or pay for a premium program before you are sure that you want to pursue flight training.  Click to begin

Stall / Spin Awareness Course

What you can get out of this course:

  • A better understanding of how the airplane behaves before, during, and after a spin
  • A basic understanding of how to get into and how to get out of a spin
  • A better understanding of how the four left-turning tendencies act on the airplane in a stall and during a spin
  • A certificate at the end of the course when you successfully pass the end of course exam!

Click here to begin the course.

FAA Aviation Weather Xplore Course

The FAA Aviation WeatherXplore course is a free resource built by FLY8MA in partnership with the FAA to help all pilots have a better understanding of aviation weather and weather resources available to pilots.  We cover both weather resources and weather phenomena in this course that is broken down into 10 helpful sections.

Each section offers a completion certificate for pilots and flight educators alike.  Click here to take the course.

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We offer a wide range of courses (over 30 to be exact)!
Our Premium Pilot Courses offer even more:

  • Track your progress
  • Earn a Completion Certificate
  • Print out your Written Test Endorsement
  • Guaranteed to Pass Your Written
  • Guaranteed to Pass Your Checkride
  • 100% Student Pass Rate
  • Live Phone and Chat support
  •  Study on any Device
  • Full-Length Videos
  •  See exactly what you will be asked on Checkride Day

To access these courses you can either purchase them one at a time, or sign up for a membership that gives you access to multiple courses.  To see all of the courses we off, click below.

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