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What our customers are saying...

private pilot online course reviewThe combination of videos and written material covers everything you will need to pass your written exam and gives excellent insight on what to expect for your flight training as well.

-Steve W.

ppl online course reviewTruly incredible value, I am about half way through the course. and even the more complex subjects are broken down into easy to understand sections. Thank you

-Jesse C.

Kyle H course review pilot ground schoolBefore starting this course I knew absolutely nothing about flying I just knew I wanted to learn more about it. I have completed about 70% of this course and feel like I have a wealth of knowledge. Today at the airport, I inquired about flight training and was able to speak with the CFI's using proper flight lingo and felt like I already belonged in their community. 
Many thanks Jon!

-Kyle H.

private pilot ground school reviewThe course material is extremely well presented. It is obvious quite a bit of time, effort, care and attention went into making this outstanding course. What is also apparent is Jon's depth of knowledge, from the inner workings or a carburetor to CRM ...and all points in between. I will (and have) recommended this course to others. THANK YOU for such a tremendous educational opportunity!

-Eric M.

joshcoale private pilot ground schoolThanks Jon! This was by far the best configured ground school course I've seen to date. Very well put together and it was super easy to stay interested and motivated. Thanks again!

-Josh C.

woman-face-4This is the best course out there as far as I am concerned. Lessons are broken down into easy to understand segments and Jon does a great job of explaning things as he moves though each subject. Looking forward to taking more courses from!

-Mellisa S.

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