Flight Training

airspeed indicator v-speeds

Understanding V-Speeds

What are V-speeds? In the realm of aviation, safety is paramount. Pilots, engineers, and enthusiasts alike rely on standardized metrics to ensure safe and efficient flight operations. One such crucial set of parameters is V-speeds. These velocities, prefixed with ‘V’, denote various critical airspeeds throughout different phases of flight. Understanding these speeds is fundamental for pilots …

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seaplane docked

Seaplane Rating

Embarking on the journey of receiving your seaplane rating, unveils a realm of adventure and skill unique to aviation. From the serene beauty of water landings to the thrill of exploring remote wilderness areas, mastering seaplanes requires specialized training, rating/endorsement, and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. Seaplane Rating Seaplanes embody the epitome of …

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ATOMATOFLAMES – Required Aircraft Equipment – 91.205

Of all the acronyms in aviation, this must be the silliest… ATOMATOFLAMES? Surely you can’t be serious!? I am serious and don’t call me Shirley. It is difficult to remember all the regulations, rules, and procedures. But, it is not that difficult to remember a few acronyms that jog your memory ATOMATOFLAMES is one of …

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