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For the other Airplanes…

While the majority of aircraft arriving into Sun N Fun will use the LAKE PARKER ARRIVAL PROCEDURE, some fall into different categories.  Below are the other categories:


You guessed it, Choppertown is for helicopters.  For more information on this part of the NOTAM, click here.

Paradise City

Flying to Sun N Fun in an Ultralight, LSA, or Homebuilt Rotorcraft?  Well if you want to land it at Paradise City, check out the arrival / departure procedure here.  (note: flying in and out of Paradise City is a completely different procedure from the LAKE PARKER Arrival).

Warbird South Arrivals

For information on the Warbird South Arrival, click here

IFR Arrivals and Departures

While filing IFR may be the easy way out of dealing with airspace on the average day, there are a few special procedures you will have to follow if planning to arrive or depart under IFR to KLAL and some of the surrounding airports.  For more information, click here.

Arriving or Departing without a Mode C Transponder

Have a panel in your aircraft straight out of 1950?  No problem, you do not have to have a transponder to fly into Sun N Fun.  Check out the proper way to go around having a transponder here.

Helpful Frequencies To Print…

sun n fun radio frequencies arrival