VFR Holding

sun n fun holding procedures

So what happens when too many airplanes show up at once?

While the controllers at Sun N Fun do a pretty amazing job landing an enormous amount of traffic very quickly, it is potentially feasible that too many aircraft may arrive at one time for ATC to safely handle.  In this case, there are set airborne holding procedures that may go into effect at the discretion of ATC.  If this happens, where ATC normally contacts you over the North Shore of Lake Parker and tells you to proceed inbound on the arrival, they will instead instruct the lead aircraft to make a left turn along the WEST shore of LAKE PARKER and hold counter-clockwise around LAKE PARKER.  Holding at LAKE PARKER is:

  • Counter-Clockwise
  • 1,200′ msl (for 100knots or less), 1,700′ msl (for 150knots), or 2,200′ msl (twin engine aircraft regardless of speed).
  • The FIRST aircraft is told to make the left turn along the WEST shore of LAKE PARKER, other aircraft will be told to follow him single file
  • ATC on the WEST shore of LAKE PARKER will monitor traffic in the holding pattern
  • DO NOT leave the LAKE PARKER hold without clearance from ATC (they will tell you when to proceed inbound on the arrival)

Holding at Lake Hancock

So what happens when even more airplanes show up?  Well this is even more unlikely but possible, so we have a backup plan for when the pattern around Lake Parker fills up.

  • If holding PRIOR to LAKE PARKER is necessary, then ATC will instruct aircraft to proceed to LAKE HANCOCK (southeast of LAKE PARKER)
  • Hold Counter-Clockwise
  • Maintain 2,000′ msl (100knots or less), 2,500′ msl (150knots), or 3,000’msl (twin-engine aircraft regardless of speed).
  • Remain clear of LAKE PARKER and EAST of Lakeland Airport at all times