far aim book with FAA regulations

How to Read and Understand the FAR AIM

The FAR AIM Explained

During any checkride you take (Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and so on) you will inevitably at some point need to open up the FAR AIM and look up something you either don’t know, or simply cannot recall right on the spot.  Checkrides create a lot of stress and pressure, and examiners administering checkrides are realistic in the sense that they will allow you to look up certain subjects that you could reasonably research or refresh on during regular flight planning.

This is nice, but does you no good if you open up the book with the answers that you seek, only to not be able to decipher the legal mumbo-jumbo the FAA has written.  Although you may flip right to the correct page and have the answer there, failing to understand and apply the specific parts of the regulation to a question you are asked will bring a very quick (and dissatisfying) end to your checkride.  The video below will help you to understand exactly how to read, interpret, and apply the regulations you will be asked about during any checkride you take.

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