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Private Pilot Online Ground School

This course will cover the basic knowledge required for a private pilot student to prepare for flight training and help prepare for the Private Pilot Airplane written exam.  You should still plane to complete our Premium Private Pilot Ground School course prior to beginning your actual flight training and taking the FAA Private Pilot Test.

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This course is broken up into lessons, and each lesson has several topics.


  1. Click on LESSON 1 below
  2. Click on the first TOPIC and watch the corresponding video and read the material
  3. Click on the TOPICS within the lesson to view the videos and read the material (navigation bar right-hand side)
  4. To keep track of progress in the course, complete quizzes, and earn a completion certificate you must be logged in to the site with a paid account.

Important Notes:

    • Set realistic goals for yourself.
    • There is A LOT of material here that will prepare you to become a Pilot. Take your time going through the lessons.
    • Realistically expect to complete only one or two lessons in a day.
    • Feel free to work ahead, and even complete the entire course before you ever take your first flight lesson. You can always go back and review later if needed.
    • This course is completely free (does not require an account on the site) and does not come with a completion certificate or endorsement for the written exam.  To earn an endorsement for the written exam you are required to complete our Written Prep Bootcamp course available here.

Resources for Private Pilot Ground School

  1. How to Become a Pilot
  2. How Much Does a Private Pilot License Cost?
  3. Private Pilot FAQs
  4. 10-Step Guide to Save $2,000 on your flight training

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