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Find the Right Flight Instructor

Finding the right Flight Instructor

We get a lot of questions about how to properly choose a CFI.  Check out the videos above and below to get some tips about how to find the right flight instructor, as well as how to make the most of your flight training and get your money’s worth!

Sample Questions

When interviewing your CFI, you can ask questions such as:

● How many hours of dual have you given?

● How many students have you signed off for private checkrides, and how many passed on their first try?

● What are your plans in aviation (i.e. are they building time for airlines so they can leave you in the next month before you finish and then you have to find another person).

● Are you a full time CFI at that school?

● What syllabus do you use?

● How much time do you spend briefing and debriefing vs flying with me?

● Are you a gold seal or NAFI master CFI?

● Do you work with the FAA Wings Program (FAAST)?

● What are your hobbies?

● What did you do before flying?

You can click the following link to download a PDF of these sample questions, so you can easily take notes on their answers: Choosing a CFI Questions

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