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Your First Flight Lesson

Check out the video above to get an idea of how to control the airplane on the ground and in the air, and what your instructor will be working with you on during day 1.

What to expect on your first flight lesson

More importantly, what are you going to be able to do on your first flight lesson?

The more you prepare with this course prior to your first flight lesson, the more knowledge you will have, and the more you will likely be able to on your first flight lesson.

You will almost certainly be given the opportunity to fly the airplane. The phases of flight that you will control the airplane in (taxi, takeoff, cruise, and landing) will depend upon your instructor and flight school. Most instructors will spend the first lesson giving you control of the airplane to practice basic maneuvers such as level flight, turns, climbs, and descents. Some will give you an opportunity for an “assisted” takeoff and landing.

Helpful Tips

Especially if you have no previous experience in small aircraft, it is normal for the first few lessons to feel stressful.

You may experience motion sickness on your first few flight lessons. If you begin to feel sick, be sure to let your instructor know. Your instructor may recommend you take a break from maneuvers and do some straight-and-level flying, open some air vents, or focus on the horizon.

A majority of the time, your eyes should be outside of the airplane. Glance in to cross-reference your instruments, but be certain not to fixate on any specific instrument. Maintaining good situational awareness, and scanning for other airplanes is done outside of the airplane.