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How to read a VFR Sectional Chart

VFR Sectional Chart Explained

The Sectional Chart or “VFR Chart” is the primary map used by VFR pilots to navigate between airports or operate out of a new or unfamiliar airport.  In this TOPIC we are going to cover the basics of using this chart so you can begin to find your way from your home airport to some other airports nearby.

REMEMBER:  The legend is your best friend.  No one expects you to memorize what all those crazy chart symbols mean, so just be familiar with the basics and most importantly how to find the information you need from the chart legend on the side panel of the chart (this is one big benefit of still using paper charts instead of fully digital charts, they have legends on the side).  Even during your written test and FAA checkride, you will be able to look up symbols on the chart legend.