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Lesson 6: How to Perfect your Landings

Building the Perfect Landing

Good News!  You don’t have to be Maverick from Topgun to land like a champ!  While flying a several thousand-pound machine at highway speeds down onto the pavement may seem daunting, you can relax, you’re in good hands!  Learning how to land, like any other complex skill learned in life, is best learned in steps, and we’ll break down those steps in detail over the next few TOPICS and LESSON.

landing a small airplane

In this LESSON:

We’ll cover the main steps your instructor will be working on with you to build a foundation for good, safe landings.  We’ll cover:

  • Highspeed taxiing
  • Low approaches
  • Aiming points
  • Go Arounds
  • Touch and Go’s

To get started, click on the first TOPIC listed below.  When you complete all the topics, come back to this LESSON to take the quiz and mark the LESSON “complete”!

I give that landing a 9 … on the Richter scale.