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Radar Summary Charts

To sum it up, there’s a lot of rain out there. 

Watch the video above, and after that, take notes below.

What you need to REMEMBER:

  • Colors vary based on the provider, always check the decibel levels of radar returns to determine true intensity of the echos
  • The direction of cells is displayed with barbs to indicate direction and speed. (see below)
  • wind barb
  • Radar is always OLD, as soon as you see it, it is at least 6mins old and usually 12-20mins old for XM weather and ADS-B.  Radar summary charts are generally 35mins old at the time of issue.  A lot happens in that time, use it as a reference, do not try to pick your way through storms unless you are flying an airliner with on-board weather radar.
  • Radar summary charts are issued every hour.