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Lesson 2: Flight Maneuvers and Traffic Pattern

Finding the right Flight Instructor & Flight School

Before we begin diving into flight maneuvers and the airport traffic pattern, the first few topics of this course will cover what to look for in a flight instructor and flight school. It is important to remember that the flight instructor and flight school work for you, the student. Use the tools and tips provided within the next two sections to do research about flight schools and flight instructors in your area and find one that matches your budget and learning style!

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In this lesson, we’ll start to talk about how to perform some of the basic maneuvers that help form the fundamental skills of flying.  We’ll also cover some of the characteristics of how all airplanes fly, including left-turning tendencies.

Traffic Pattern:

In this lesson, you’ll also complete several topics about how to navigate your way around the airport in the air and on the ground, including the standard traffic patterns and airport markings you’ll see on the ground.

Make sure you watch all of the videos and take notes as you move through each topic so you are ready for the quiz at the end of the LESSON!

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