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Pilot Reports

This isn’t a report card of how good of a pilot you are (but good pilots do know how to read PIREPS).

A PIREP is either information volunteered by a Pilot to ATC or requested from the Pilot by ATC (ATC then enters it into the system).  It is simply a report of the flight conditions someone is experiencing.

It could be anything from what are the bases and tops of the clouds, to the wind speed aloft, to whether or not there is turbulence or icing in a certain area.

Making a PIREP

To file a PIREP all you have to do is advise ATC that “you have a PIREP”, they will then ask you the necessary questions about your type aircraft, weather you are experiencing, altitude, position, etc.  Much of the information they need to get from you in a PIREP they may already have if you are receiving flight following or other radar services.  Check out the form in the video to see exactly what information they will request from you and what makes up a PIREP.  The documents are also available under Pilot Resources on our site here.

REMEMBER: UA means routine report, UUA is a prefix for an Urgent report!