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E6B Calculations

Finding Density Altitude

In the video below, we will go over how to find your Density Altitude.

To find your density altitude:

  • Dial-in your pressure altitude and temperature.
  • Observe the indicated density altitude.

Wind Correction Angle

In the video below, we’ll cover how to find the proper wind correction angle for a given leg.

To find your wind correction angle & groundspeed:

  • Slide grommet down to 100 as a starting point.
  • Dial in the wind direction.
  • Mark the given windspeed from 100 without moving the grommet (use a piece of tape or a pencil).
  • Dial-in your true heading.
  • Slide the dot you marked to your true airspeed.
  • Read your airspeed through the grommet.
  • Note where your dot is placed relative to the centerline. Add or subtract as shown to find your wind correction angle. (Don’t forget to add or subtract magnetic variation!)